With decades of combined experience in the product design industry, AGO Design can help you develop your initial concepts into real products. Often, this requires finding new ways to innovate upon a traditional product or feature. Other times it means refining creative "blue sky" ideas into "grounded" designs ready for the store shelf.

2D Sketching and Rendering


The best and fastest way to communicate a three dimensional idea is to sketch it out. After years of professional practice, we are experts at communicating through drawing. We work digitally to make rendering more precise and efficient, but will often sketch and brainstorm with good old pencil and paper.

3D Modeling and Printing


Designing in 3D software and creating plastic parts with our 3D printer allows us to literally make our own toys right in the office. This has proven to be a great tool for iterative prototyping, allowing us to discover any problems early on, and make adjustments.

Illustration and Character Work


Besides designing toys and products, we are often asked to create finished 2D artwork. This could range from fun concepts for completely new characters, to dynamic comic-book-style illustrations, to graphic packaging box art.

Licenses and Brands

Many of the biggest names in toys have trusted us to design using their properties and characters. Take a look at our Client List and Licence List pages to see more.