Playset design is the most challenging and rewarding of all toy categories. The variation of size, feature, and, price allows each playset to have it's own unique presence.  Our team has designed award winning playsets for Matchbox, Chucgington, Thomas and Friends, John Deere,  Marvel,  Disney, and many other brands.


Designing a great looking vehicle is one of our specialties. Scroll through the gallery to see sketches, renderings, control drawings, 3D models, and finshed product photos of a variety of vehicles.

Control Drawings

Detailed control drawings are usually the final stage in our process before we hand a design off to production. Our aim is always to be as acurate as possible, without sacraficing any of the personality or spirit of the concept drawings.

3D Design


We work in a variety of 3D software, which allows us to design scuplted organic shapes, as well as precice dimesioned parts. 

Activities and Construction

Activity and Construction sets require not only good artwork, but a thourough investigation into the pattern of play to make sure the end result is fun!



Scroll through the gallery to see some of our character illustration work